Accessories and Jewellery


Have you every wondered what to get a partner, friend or that special person in your life. Jewellery or accessories probably comes to mind first. So what do I get my boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife or member of the family? Well that special gift idea can be as traditional or as wild as your imagination. From a personalised pair of sterling silver cufflinks, engraved with their initials, a stylish silver keyring or perhaps a piece of jewellery with a gemstone set into it with their birthstone.

With Christmas fast approaching, everyone loves to receive something unique, that special gift will mean that much more and last many years to come. If you are undecided what to get, Piere Andrews can give you some ideas, for example how about those diamond earrings your wife has mentioned many times, you know she loves platinum and just imagine the look on her face when she opens the box. Or a pendant made in either white or yellow gold with her favorite gemstone.

If it’s a diamond engagement ring for your partner or to celebrate a friendship with a handmade bangle inscribed with a special message, it can be made in any precious metal of your choice. White, yellow or rose gold, platinum or silver we can create that perfect gift for you. If you want gemstones set into your bespoke piece of jewellery, I personally hand select them for you, from emeralds, sapphires or tanzanite’s to diamonds, rubies, tourmaline or pearls, what ever your desire.

Wearing jewellery can transform the whole look of your outfit or personalised handmade cufflinks for him. Stacking bangles creates both glamour and interest, they sound great too and can be worn everyday.

Pearls are a real classic and never date. A must have for the night out when you can’t decide what to put on.  Pearl earrings, pearl pendant or a wonderful pearl necklace, you will look stunning and elegant whatever the occasion.

All our Jewellery is individually designed and handmade in Tunbridge Well and is hallmarked in London. It also comes in a lovely gift box ready for you.

Jewellery can be given for any occasion, or even just to show the love of your life how much you care.

Start your journey with Piere

Choosing the perfect jewellery gift can often be a long road of tough decisions, especially when that gift might adorn a loved one for years to come, but you don’t have to take that road alone.

After a short conversation, usually by phone or over email, we’ll arrange a free consultation at a time and place to suit you. With 25 years of experience I’m able to guide you through every step, from the design to the materials and of course, your personal budget.

I specialise in bespoke, one of a kind jewellery that you simply cannot find on the high street. Throughout the process you’ll only be working with me, and not a whole workshop of different jewellers and designers with differing interpretations for your piece of jewellery, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Bespoke jewellery is a journey, and I hope you find it enjoyable, exciting and stress free. If you’re ready to start your journey, then why not get in touch?


Remodelling your unused or dated jewellery

If you own a piece of special yet unused jewellery, it can be redesigned and handcrafted into something unique and exciting. For example, you may be fortunate enough to inherit a piece from a loved one, or you may just fancy a change but want to reuse a favourite precious stone. This is a great opportunity to reuse the metal and stones so you can continue wearing and enjoying your sentimental jewellery, instead of it being stuck at the back of a drawer.

As time passes, and tastes and fashions change you don’t have to worry about how dated a piece of jewellery looks. Perhaps you have a pair of gold and diamond earrings and one is broken. Reusing the original metal and stones ensures that you can retain all the memories that the piece holds.

With imagination and creativity, we can advise and work with you to create your remodelled jewellery to your specific requirements and budget.  When you remodel, it is possible to change the colour of the gold, from yellow to white or to exchange to a new metal, such as platinum. You may want to turn a trilogy ring into a pair of earrings and a pendant or vice versa. This is a lovely idea if you have children and would like to gift them an old family engagement ring so that they can share in the memories as well as enjoying the sparkle when they wear the piece.

Recently, we have taken the emerald out of a three stone ring, and after a couple of meetings came up with the perfect design for a remodelled ring using the customer’s mother’s emerald and incorporated larger diamonds on either side and an updated setting for the stones.