Remodelling your unused or dated jewellery


If you own a piece of special yet unused jewellery, it can be redesigned and handcrafted into something unique and exciting. For example, you may be fortunate enough to inherit a piece from a loved one, or you may just fancy a change but want to reuse a favourite precious stone. This is a great opportunity to reuse the metal and stones so you can continue wearing and enjoying your sentimental jewellery, instead of it being stuck at the back of a drawer.

As time passes, and tastes and fashions change you don’t have to worry about how dated a piece of jewellery looks. Perhaps you have a pair of gold and diamond earrings and one is broken. Reusing the original metal and stones ensures that you can retain all the memories that the piece holds.

With imagination and creativity, we can advise and work with you to create your remodelled jewellery to your specific requirements and budget.  When you remodel, it is possible to change the colour of the gold, from yellow to white or to exchange to a new metal, such as platinum. You may want to turn a trilogy ring into a pair of earrings and a pendant or vice versa. This is a lovely idea if you have children and would like to gift them an old family engagement ring so that they can share in the memories as well as enjoying the sparkle when they wear the piece.

Recently, we have taken the emerald out of a three stone ring, and after a couple of meetings came up with the perfect design for a remodelled ring using the customer’s mother’s emerald and incorporated larger diamonds on either side and an updated setting for the stones.